Home & School Information

The Home and School Association would like to welcome all of the new families as well as returning ones to Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary!!

The Home and School is an active group of dedicated volunteers who organize various fundraisers throughout the year. Over the last 4 years we have put over $100,000.00 back into P.E.T.E.S.

Home & School organizes everything from pizza & sub lunches, holiday breakfast, hospitality for several school events, movie nights, food baskets for the community, and much much more. We would love to have a large volunteer list to choose from when needed and most importantly being on the list DOES NOT OBLIGE YOU TO DO ANYTHING, it will simply allow us to email you. New faces are always welcome and appreciated! Keep in mind all parents who choose to volunteer for any school activities must complete a declaration concerning a judicial record.(Only needs to be completed once every 3 years) This form is available here.  

The Home and School meets monthly in person or on Zoom. Everyone is welcome to come! There are refreshments for all! If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us at peteshands@hotmail.com.

What is Home and School

  • We are a group of people dedicated to enhancing the education and the general well being of our children.
  • We are a non-profit volunteer organization who believes that a strong relationship between parents and school is very important..
  • We are not connected to any school board.
  • We organize lunchtime activities, craft and book fairs, family fun days, Christmas baskets for our community, pizza days and much more.
  • We raise funds to enrich our children’s learning experiences by providing extra materials needed for our teachers, funds for our library, technology & music programs and provide financial assistance to graduating classes.
  • We play an important role in special school events making our children’s experiences even more enjoyable.
  • We work jointly with the school to ensure open communication and a closer relationship while enhancing school spirit.

Why join Home and School

  • Your membership automatically gives you support in the Quebec Federation of Home and School Association (QFHSA). The QFHSA is the parent body of all local associations working under the Canadian Association of Home & School Associations and they have been acting as an independent voice promoting the education and well being of children since 1944.
  • It empowers you to comment and act upon areas of education and child welfare that concern you and offers you, the parent, an opportunity to learn about the school community in which your child spends approximately one-third of his/her time and to create a school environment that you would like for your child.
  • You may be an active member, able to volunteer or occasionally participate, or a non-active member, as a supporter. We need both!
  • We have monthly meetings where we share ideas bring new ones to the table. All members are welcome and a little of your time will greatly benefit your children. If you are not able to attend meetings or do not wish to become a member there are many others ways that you can help our school. Please contact us today and we will give you all the information. The children at P.E.T.E.S. will thank you for it.