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The very spring and root of honesty and virtue lie in good education ~Plutarch

Good Day,

Below please find some important information

Before the end of the month we will practice a second Code Red/lockdown drill school-wide The drill is mandated by our School Board to ensure safety for all students in the event of an emergency It is essential that we practice responding to staff instructions immediately, calmly and safely Please take a few moments to discuss the Code Red/Lockdown with your child and stress the importance of following the instructions of the staff and remaining calm

In short, students have been told that during a Code Red/Lockdown, they must do the following:

o Be quiet at all times
o Remain Calm
o Move to the instructed location (staff with instruct)

Your assistance will help to ensure that our students are prepared in case of an emergency

Please remember that the staff parking lot is reserved for staff members

In order to maintain a secure environment for our students, we ask that parents sign in at the main office when coming into the school (even if only for a few minutes) Your cooperation with this matter will be greatly appreciated and will help us ensure and safe and secure school for your children

School hours are 9:10 to 3:40 Any students arriving after 9:10 must sign in at the main office Your cooperation in ensuring that your child arrives on time is appreciated

PPO meets on Monday, April 20, 2015 at 7:00pm in the school library

PETES is very happy to host the 9th Annual Megan Allen Palmer Blood Drive on May 7, 2015 Please see attached information letter

PETES is registered for Le Grand defi Pierre Lavoie What does that mean you ask? It is a contest that runs from April 27th - May 31st Students and families collect "energy cubes" by being active Mrs Jenn will input the energy cubes every week and accumulate points for our school community The school who earns the most energy cubes by the end of the contest wins!!! To date, there are over 700 schools registered!

We will be holding 1 hour events to help encourage all our participants to collect as many energy cubes as possible Each session will have different themes such as Zumba, Basketball, skipping, soccer, dance and gaga ball The dates are April 27, May 6, May 21 and May 26 from 6:30 to 7:30 We look forward to seeing you here

Below please find a great link that explains why we are doing this contest and how you can get involved
https://www legdpl com/en/the-grand-defi/the-defi-in-detail

On April 23, 2015 you are invited to attend the PETES Celebration of Learning It is an opportunity to view your child`s portfolio and to learn about and see some of the educational, creative, interesting, exciting and innovative projects at PETES Doors open at 4:30pm Please see attached document for more details

For more information regarding the Pearson Educational Foundation Fun Run, please visit https://eventbrite ca/event/13357114489/

Please visit the website regularly for any updates on the happenings at PETES Communication between home and school is very important Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or concerns


Dion Joseph
P E Trudeau Elementary
Annual Blood Drive.. 
Join us May 7 for the Annual Megan Allen Palmer Blood Drive.. 
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Here you will find our calendar with all our school's activities and events. This calendar will be updated as the year goes on. Click on the link below to open the page.
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